Check out the most popular hair loss treatments available in Dubai! Hair loss can be attributed to numerous factors which may be due to external factors, internal factors or purely psychological in nature. Dubai hair clinics and companies are offering various solutions for hair loss treatment.

Hair Loss Treatments

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Dr.Batra's Hair Loss Clinic

Identifying the causes to diagnosing the solution; the entire steps in the hair loss treatment eco-system are taken care of by the Dr.Batra’s clinic. Having handled over quarter a million cases all over the world Dr. Batra’s has its ope ...

Nanogen Hair Loss Products

A highly research and development based organization; Nanogen is into the creation of leading products to stop hair loss and for hair re-growth. Making use of the genetic studies and even the surgical methods the products range is huge. Wit ...

Romarin Hair Loss Treatments

Making the use of the raw materials from the Amazonian rain-forests of Brazil, Romarin offers the most ideal solution to prevent and cure hair loss in a natural way. Founded in 2003, the company has soon become a trusted name in the field o ...

Perfect Look Dubai

Headquartered in Dubai and having its offices in the entire Middle-East region, Perfect Look is a quality-centric and innovative brand name in the business of hair loss treatment. Making use of the best technologies from the USA and Canada, ...

Vivandi Hair Loss Solutions

Vivandi is soon becoming a leading name in Dubai and the world as one of the best hair consultants who offer services like hair loss treatment. Believing in the creation of image enhancement products the company has come up with various tra ...

Dubai Hair Spa

Dubai Hair Spa's hair care experts in the field of hair loss treatment are catering to the receding hair line of both the men and women alike. Making use of scalp therapy and laser hair therapy, the natural growth of the hair is restored he ...